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Wondering where you might fit in? What are your gifts? Why not check out these opportunities?

We have a number of critical vacancies and urgently need your help.   We are open to any and all offers – temporary, job share, etc; whatever you can give us would be greatly appreciated! Please contact any current member of Council for more details.


Council Chairman: Time commitment ~ 20 hrs/month

Chief Duties: prepare agenda and chair council meetings (10x year), meet with minister (every other week), address correspondence, cheque signatory, communion, baptism & new member ceremonies.


Facilities and Finance Chairman :Time commitment: ~ 5-10 hrs/month

Chief Duties: provide oversite of Facilities (Property maintenance and projects, rentals) and Finance activities (Treasurer, Counters, Pledgefest), prepare report and attend monthly council meetings (10x year) or send delegate. 


Pledgefest Coordinator: Time commitment: October – December ~25 hours total

Prepare pledgefest mail-out package (Sept), coordinate speakers for Pledgefest Sundays (October); record and tally pledges (Dec)


Property Maintenance: Time commitment ~ 10 hrs/month 

Chief Duties: coordinate routine maintenance contracts (cleaning, utilities, landscaping, furnace, fire & safety, elevator, city), address equipment breakdowns, manage church lifecycle plan, initiate projects, and approve invoices


Syrian Family Update October, 2016


Introducing the newest member of Ismail and Rola's family, Leyan. Baby Leyan was born on September 25th at 4:00pm. Everyone is healthy and Sham is adjusting to life with her new baby sister.




Syrian Family Update June, 2016

Syrian Family Update June, 2016

The LUC sponsored Syrian family arrived in Calgary in March 2016. The sponsorship was undertaken by LUC under the Blended Visa Office Referral (BVOR) Program, in partnership with the United Church of Canada. The initial group included the young couple, their infant daughter and the Grandmother. The Grandmother has since decided not to come to Canada due to her family commitments back home. In the meantime the family is now expecting their second child.

As was anticipated the family is receiving Government assistance for 6 months. The Government assistance is being supplemented by funds from the LUC refugee fund. Following the 6 month period LUC has a commitment to support the family from the Refugee fund for another 6 months.

The LUC Refugee Committee of about 25 volunteers have been working diligently to assist the family in settling and integrating into Canadian life. Since the volunteer group includes several persons outside of LUC members the sponsorship effort has been successful at reaching out to those outside the Church community in this instance.

The adult members of the family are attending ESL classes. Ismail is attending classes at the Chinese Cultural Centre, under the auspices of the YWCA. Rola (and Sham) are participating in the Pebbles in the Sand ESL program held at Knox United Church, sponsored by C.I.W.A.

At the moment they are both focused on becoming proficient in English. The family have made useful connections with other Syrian arrivals.



SYRIAN REFUGEE ASSISTANCE.  Are you interested in helping a Refugee family?  Do have feel you don’t have the resources to sponsor a refugee on your own but would like to work with a group?  Lakeview United Church is looking for individuals or groups who would like to sponsor a refugee under the auspices of the United Church of Canada.  The UCC will assist with applications, paperwork, managing finances and general support.  For further information call: 403-242-5760.  Open to everyone, no church affiliation necessary.


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