Discover in Community – Fun, Service & Fellowship

Discover in Community – Fun, Service & Fellowship

Prayer Chain  

Would you like to join the Prayer Chain? If so, or if you would like to add a loved one to our private and confidential list contact Estelle Collins 403-251-5691 or Sue Spratt 403-242-7156. God hears our prayers.

Reaching Out Ministries

Contributing to the Mustard Seed or Salvation Army, helping Habitat for Humanity crews, prepare and serve tea to residents of Glamorgan Care Centre. These and other special projects need your support and make a huge difference to others! stay tuned for updates and more information.

Community Groups

At Lakeview United Church we enjoy being part of our community. Below are some of the groups that meet at our church and that welcome anyone interested in joining them.

Tuesdays (daytime) TOPS 

Tuesdays (evening) Scouts

Wednesdays (evening) Beavers, Gamblers Anonymous

Thursdays (evening) Choir, Venturers

Fridays (evening) Alanon, AA